Founded in 1937 by Alfonso Morini, Moto Morini is an iconic Italian motorcycle manufacturer known for its persistence, innovation, devotion, aesthetics, and performance. The brand has a substantial racing pedigree and is known for making lightweight, fast race bikes through the 50s and 60s, a DNA that the current generation of motorcycles inherit.

During World War II, bombings destroyed all MOTO MORINI factories but not ALFONSO Morini’s love for motorcycles. He rebuilt factories in the summer of 1945 after the war came to an end.

The Turismo was released in Italy by MOTO MORINI in 1946 and was considered the best motorcycle of the year. Rear shock absorbers were introduced shortly to ensure riding comfort. It was one of the top-performing 2 Stroke 125cc motorcycles in Europe, and Racers won numerous victories with the Turismo. Meanwhile, it was perfected and modified for future, newer models.

Due to sales success and rapid development, MOTO MORINI moved to the new factory in 1955 in Via Bergami, Bologna. Its yield was more than twice the other brands, and it gained a substantial market share.

ALFONSO MORINI foresaw the bright future of 4 stroke engine, even though 2-Stroke engines were popular at the time. In 1959, Corsaro125 came into the market with a 25 kg streamlined engine. It was the perfect combination of high performance and classic structural design.

Legendary History

Umberto Masetti won the Italy national champion with 4 stroke 125cc engine model.
In 1956, Walter Tassinari won the Italian championship by riding the Sette Bello 175.
In 1959, Emilio Mendogni won the shell cup by riding the 250cc.
In 1967, Angelo Bergamonti won the Italian championship on the Bialbero 250.

In 1963, Tarquinio Provini rode MOTO MORINI Bialbero 250 with single cylinder in Global GP race. He ran faster than twin-cylinder Hondas and the Yamaha and Suzuki models. Even though he eventually missed being champion by only 2 points, he forever etched his name in Europe racing folklore.

3 1/2 by MOTO MORINI was debuted in 1973. It immediately drew a lot of attention because of its high performance and elegant design. It is still considered one of the top ten classic European models and universally loved by all riders.

In 1977, MOTO MORINI started producing 500cc models. Franco Lambertini created a new 72° V-twin engine with exceptional technical advances such as a Heron-type combustion chamber, toothed belt distribution control, 6-speed gearbox, and electronic ignition. These advancements made the model deliver high performance with low oil consumption and was an incredible success.

In 1980, MOTO MORINI developed an off-road model for professional racing, designated the Camel 500.
It was powered by a twin-cylinder 500cc engine mated to a six-speed transmission, which propelled the Camel 500 to the winner’s podium and the gold medal in the six-day 4T race.

Private Customization

In 1985, MOTO MORINI offered a private customization service for Excalibur 350cc and 500cc. MOTO MORINI was the first supplier to offer this service and achieved great success.

In 1989, the New York was brought to the market with stylish European design, in 350cc and 507cc variants.

In 2005, the naked muscular model Corsaro 1200 was released. It came with an 87° V-twin Bialbero Corsa Corta engine with exceptional technical advancement. With a compact structure, DOHC, 4 valves per cylinder and six-speed transmission, the engine allowed higher loading capacity and stronger running endurance. It was designed and developed by Franco Lambertini-one of the best MOTO MORINI designer.

In 2008, MOTO MORINI introduced a new model, the 9 1/2, with the same excellent 87° V-twin Bialbero Corsa Corta engine.
The Granpasso 1200 was introduced in the same year. The model was designed to showcase the beauty of steel and metal. With high torque and excellent power, Granpasso ran faster with lower oil consumption even at low RPM.

Milano 1200
In 2017, Milano 1200 was launched with an enhanced Bialbero 1200 Corsa Corta engine. It was inspired by the popular 3 1/2 model for adventurous riding and machine aesthetics.

Corsaro ZZ ZT
The new Corsaro ZZ and Corsaro ZT were introduced to the market. The latest addition to the Corsaro series, with 60 years of pedigreed history. They were lightweight and fully adjustable with Mupo forks, Brembo calliper, controllable ABS, Pirelli Diablo Rosso III and Bialbero 1200 Corsa Corta engine.


The Bialbero 1200 Corsa Corta Super-Scrambler was modernized and imbued with a new rebellious spirit. Initially introduced to ensure ridding comfortable and efficient power support. An electronic management system was creatively applied for stability and maximum torque. Clever cylinder sequencing endowed the exhaust system with its distinctive low growl.


MOTO MORINI released a new naked model, The Seiemmezzo, following the success of Milano 1200. It looked sporty and energetic and was characterized by amazing ride and superior performance.

One-Off- Top Private Customization

In 2017, The Corsaro 1200 Ti22 was introduced to the market. It was a private customization done by the ONE-OFF department of MOTO MORINI, according to customers’ requirements. Designers were inspired by Pirelli from 1970. High-tech metal, titanium, was used for the exhaust system in Corsaro 1200 Ti22. Brembo calliper, handmade aluminium fairing, aluminium fuel tank and Pirelli DIABLO pro racing tyres were utilized as well.

In 2019, MOTO MORINI China was established.
Eager to convey the brand spirit and riding enjoyment to global riders.
Ready to devote more energy and finance to R&D in Italy to develop exciting future models.
Ready to continue the legendary story of MOTO MORINI.

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