These are MOTO MORINI’s characteristics, core value, and ultimate goal.

Run through war and flames with passion, courage and curiosity. Inspire vigour, glory and a brilliant future.

The brand logo is an eagle with a double M in the middle. The eagle is a symbol of victory and power in Roman culture and is associated with a fierce, aggressive, and robust fighting will. The founders of MOTO MORINI embodied these values and integrated them into the DNA of the brand. As a tribute to ALFONSO MORINI and MARIO MAZZETTI's great contributions, the logo is a combination of their family name.

The unique golden eagle logo since 1937, is a symbol of riding freedom forever.

1) We are committed to our faith and persistent towards the MM spirit.
2) We are Devoted to our motto of Ride Freedom, and dedicated to offer enjoyable and delightful riding experience to all motorcycle lovers.
3) We are always developing superior products, considerate services, and amazing rides for all users!